Many ideas have been floating through my mind tonight.  So this is a ramble.  Flow along with my stream of consciousness thinking…

I just finished watching the last two episodes of Castle.   That is a bloody good show.  The Halloween episode was creepy and definitely entertaining.  The Cops and Robbers episode was just stunning in its writing and acting.  There are a couple of awards deserved for that episode.


My wife just asked me how to deal with a friend’s personal issue.  It is nearly impossible for me to answer this.  I know all the parties involved pretty well.  But I’m not them.  I can’t deal the way they need to, I can’t say how I would handle those things.  Oh, I could make something up and it probably wouldn’t be horrible advice.

Advice though, is a tricky business, we all offer it frequently and suck at taking it.  If you wanted my advice for a new TV (Hi Shosh), then I can help you.  There are some objective measures that you can take in regards to a new TV.  Features, technical specs, and prices are objective measures that improve a TVs subjective performance.  You still have to look at it and see if you like it.  But the objective performance and costs give you some measure as to where you should spend you hard earned time watching an examining TVs.

Amazon currently has 649 HD TVs in the 40 to 49 inch range.  If you spent 10 seconds watching each one, that would be ten hours and I doubt you could remember that TV 348 was slightly better than TV 623.  The objective measures give us a way to filter that massive pile of information into something manageable.

There are 8 TVs that in that size range with built in WiFi and built in apps for Netflix and Amazon VoD.  That’s much more reasonable.  I could watch 20 minutes of each TV and still spend less than two hours.  That, in my opinion, is a reasonable amount of time when you’re going to spend between $800 and $1000 dollars and have this appliance you have to live with for the next 5-10 years.  Yes, I keep TVs for 10 years… I keep everything for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, unlike TVs, humans are squishy.  There are few objective things in human personality… I wouldn’t argue with anyone who said there are no objective things in human personality.

I love my friends dearly and I can be a shoulder to cry on and such, but I can’t understand how the complexities involved can be dealt with with some trite diatribe from me.

I came across this quote recently and found it more true than not.

A lot of US fundie religion these days seems to be tribalism. “We believe the same silly things so we belong to the same tribe.” Some philosophers lately have noticed this and have said that US xianity has been zombiized. They don’t really much believe in god anymore or care, they believe in their tribe. They certainly don’t follow the tenets of their religion which prohibits lying among other things. (-Raven)

You can see this in politicians of all stripes today and the great majority of ‘religious leaders’.  Just read what they say and then find that in the Bible.

Finally, I just had a great idea.  We need to petition congress to require (in fulfillment of the First Amendment) that on “talk like a pirate day”, the congressional prayer be given by a Pastafarian.  On the eight days of the Pagan event calendar, the congressional prayer must be given by a pagan.

Or is the First Amendment not really followed in the US?  (Trick question, of course it’s not being followed in the US.  Freedom of speech, yeah right, not unless you are a Christian.)

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