More From the “AT&T Clueless Department”

AT&T has got to have the absolute worst customer service system I have ever dealt with.

Today, while on another call, my cell phone received a call from an AT&T 800 number.  I was busy and didn’t answer it.  15 seconds later, my home phone starts ringing… AT&T 800 number.

When I was done with my call, I called AT&T back.

The 800 number is for AT&T landlines.. but they had no record of a call.  They suggested billing.  Billing had no records of anything and my payment was up to date.  I talked to internet services (because I recently discovered we are not under the cap… for now).  They had no record of calling me.

So, the only three divisions of AT&T that I have anything to do with and none of them had any reason to call me, yet it’s pretty obvious someone desperately wanted to talk with me.  Cell phone, then 5 seconds later, home phone.

The billing rep suggested that it might have been due to one of my complaints or something.  Hell, I stopped filing complaints 4 months ago, if they are just now getting to my complaints after four months, then AT&T either has more complaints than they can handle or they are really, really poor at dealing with them.

Either way, it continues to look bad for AT&T.

But AT&T would have us believe that competition is NOT GOOD for the American consumer.

Bull cookies.

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One Response to More From the “AT&T Clueless Department”

  1. I have tried unsuccessfully to straighten out a bill AT&T says I owe. I ended my contract with AT&T after my 2 year contract was up with my bill at that time paid in full. Went to another company thinking all ended well as I never ever received a bill saying otherwise. Then in 2914 I received a bill for $230.00 plus. I called immediately to talk to customer service and got transferred to numerous other people to no avail. I’ve been on the phone again today for about 3 plus hrs talking again to numerous people to try to get this rectified. Nothing but a run around. I had wanted to go back to AT&T but now I can’t. I DO NOT OWE AT&T this money. Someone within your company dropped the ball not me.

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