Kindle Fire

I have grown as a technophile.  I got the first generation Kindle when it came out an loved it!  I took it everywhere.  That was Christmas 3-4 years ago (I’m too lazy to look it up right now).  Now, my beloved Kindle, well it’s deadish.  The battery can’t hold a charge for more than a day or two.

Now, though, I have purchased a large (4.3 inch screen) touch-screen android-powered cell phone.  It’s a fantastic companion tool.  I have the Amazon Kindle App on it and can read my books on that… which is not as painful as one might believe.

Sure, I can’t read outside, but then, I never did anyway.  That’s something to consider, do you really need e-ink?  Which is really good for outside.  It’s also supposed to be less eye-strain, but I never have time to read for more than a few hours at a time anyway.

My phone also has access to the Amazon cloud, which contains 45% of all my music (and 100% of the stuff I listen to daily).

My phone does not have access to the Amazon VoD store, where 75% of my TV watching comes from.

That’s why I want a Kindle Fire.  A tablet is rarely going to be a working machine, mainly for security and ease of IT services if nothing else.  On the other hand, a full on video playing tablet with downloadable content is perfect for those $10/hour airport and airplane WiFi connections… in other words, you don’t have to use them.  Download a handful of movies, TV, books, and music at home and you have it all right there on the Kindle Fire.

Seven inches isn’t a huge screen, but it’s bigger than 4 and more portable than 10.

I think Amazon has a good product here and it can’t be beat for the price.

My understanding is that it will have access to the Amazon app store, which is an android app store.  So, if it has android, it will be rootable.  It will be interesting to see if developers can root it and allow it to retain VoD, Cloud, and Kindle access.


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