Fox News Doesn’t Know What a Real Scientist Is

Part of the problem with FoxNews being all about science denial is that they can’t even tell the difference between a real scientist and a pseudoscientist.  Here’s there latest article: Russian and US Scientists Gather to Hunt Down Yeti.

First, and the most glaring issue, the footprint in picture is with a CENTIMETER ruler.

Someone needs to tell FoxNews that the rest of the world uses this new system of measurement called the metric system.  That 17cm footprint is about 6 and 1/2 inches long.  My foot is bigger than that.

Not exactly a smoking gun… or a dead body (which is about the ONLY evidence that will be acceptable, a live yeti would be the other form of acceptable evidence).

No scientists are listed in the article by name.  The only ‘institute‘ mentioned was set up by two people (who, as far as I can tell, are also the only ones associated with it).

Igor Burtsev is a ‘candidate in history’ whatever that means.  It sounds like “all but dissertation’ to me.  Anyway, that’s history, not science.

The other one, Dmitri Bayanov, is walking on 80 years old and, similarly, has no listed degrees or credentials.

Finally, I can find no reference for either of them on the web that’s not bigfoot related, with one exception.  Burtsev has a note in wikipedia about some gifts of slaves that may have been made to Peter the Great.  Woopty Doo.

If this is what FauxNews thinks scientists are, then we have a major public relations issue.


As far as the dead body.  Let’s face it… at this point the only acceptable evidence of a bigfoot, yeti, loch ness monster, etc will be a dead body brought to scientists immediately or a live organism.  That’s it, nothing else will ever work.

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