Taveling with a Head Cold

or… Why I haven’t Posted in a Long Time.

I’m still alive… more or less.  I recently had the joy of travelling to Washington D.C.  While it was an actually interesting trip, I suffered from a minor head cold during most of it.

Traveling at 38,000 feet (in a crappy MD-80 mind you) with stuffed up ears… can be… painful.  You see, airplane cabins are held at a lower pressure than sea level.  About the equvalent air pressure at one mile of altitude if I recall correctly (and it may vary by airline and/or aircraft).

So, when you drop from an equivalent of one mile up to 300 feet up in about 15 minutes, the air pressure on either side of your ears has to equalize.  Hence the gum chewing, it helps loosen the muscles and move your various internal bits around to help with the equalization.

Unless you have a head cold… and stuffed up sinuses… and possibly an ear infection with swelling.

Then, the pressure doesn’t equalize and it feels like an elephant is using your ear drum as a trampoline.

I’ll try to get some pictures up tomorrow, but I didn’t have much time or energy for site-seeing.

I haven’t read more than another few pages of The Emergence of Life.  That’s pretty high on my priority list right now, but it’s behind sleep and a kid’s birthday party this weekend and maybe some time with some friends.

It was actually driving me a bit nuts that I hadn’t made a post recently.  The previously mentioned stupendous badass that invaded my home has been more successful than most.  We, as a biological community, required significant reinforcements from various medical and pharmaceutical professions.  Fortunately, Homo sapiens, is even more stupendously badass because we developed high levels of abstract communication.  Thereby trumping mere chemical communication systems.

I believe the invading biological memetic system (whatever the heck it was) began a scorched Earth campaign in my sinuses though.  Still, we are nothing if not resilient.  (Witness me being up at midnight instead of asleep or dead.)

Ah well.  More tomorrow… I hope.

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One Response to Taveling with a Head Cold

  1. Eugen says:

    I was wandering but this explains it

    “I haven’t read more than another few pages of The Emergence of Life.”

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