I’m in Lust with all the Teslas

Yes, I’ve fallen in love.  With two actually.  They are both stunningly gorgeous, smart, and sexy as hell.

I’m referring of course, to the Tesla Roadster and the Tesla S sedan.

This video isn’t much, but it does show the pair of them.

Tesla released the Roadster in 2008 as the first 100% electric sports car.  In spite of what a lot of people think, it works.  It works well.  Each year, the car gets improvements to make it a real car… not just a way for the wealthy to pretend to be environmentally conscious.

That is one gorgeous car.  And those windmills behind it… plenty of power to run the car.  Last I heard, the car stored 85 kilowatts of electricity.  That much juice gives it a range of 211 miles.  I have to  assume that’s at some normal driving speed and not 15 miles per hour.  No, the Tesla has some serious range and speed to it.

For example, the Tesla roadster completed the 5th Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally by going 1000 kilometers (621 miles) using only $33 worth of electricity.  In another event, the roadster traveled 360 km (223 miles) with another 66 km (41 miles) remaining in its batteries.  This last one was at a slow speed.

But it’s not just about the range… well, it’s mostly about the range.  But a sports car needs to be about… well… sport.

The roadster has 288 horsepower at 5,000 rpm.  Which, honestly is about the same as a decent V-6.  Of course the V-6 tops out at about 6,000 rpm, while the Tesla’s electric motor will go all the way to 14,000 rpm.

Torque is also about equal to a V6 engine at 273 (295 for the Roadster Sport) foot-pounds.  But unlike any gasoline engine, the full 273 ft-lbs of torque is available from 0 rpm.  That’s the big benefit to electric motors.  They just feel peppier because the full torque is always on tap.

Oh, and it doesn’t skimp on the creature comforts either.  Air conditioning, heat seats, satnav, bluetooth, and a full range of safety features.  One last shot of this beauty.

On last shot of this amazing car.

And now on to her younger, but more refined sister.  The Tesla S is my kind of sedan.  Four doors, four seats, and 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds.  Isn’t she a beaute?

What’s not to love.  But even more important to the Model S over the Roadster is range.  Just how far can you go?

Well, the Model S comes with three options: the base 160 mile range, the enhanced 230 mile range, and what I call the Model S-ER the 300 mile range option.

Now, before you get your knickers in a twist… I’m not you and many other people aren’t either.  In the last 14 years, I have made exactly zero trips longer than 180 miles in a single day.  Well, there were a few, but they were all by airplane.  There were zero driving trips of longer than 180 miles.

This car would serve me and my family perfectly.  We could easily go to Grandma’s house.  I could drive back and forth to work for about 40 days one a single charge of the 230 mile option.

And just look at this interior

Those seats look so comfy.  I could sleep there.

Oh and Tesla Motors says they are working on an SUV.  I’ll take one of those too.

Now, at this point, I will never own one of these cars.  They start well North of $90,000.  They are truly awesome cars though.

And that’s the really important thing here.  They are cars.  They aren’t electric cars.  They aren’t cute little gimmicks.  These are actual production vehicles whose abilities will satisfy probably 80% of the US population and probably more than that of Europe.  Yes, there are people who need trucks and there are those that routinely drive more than 300 miles a day.  But I don’t.

If all the cars in the US were Teslas, then we would cut the CO2 emmisions by a little more than 1/3.  But where would the electricity come from?  Wouldn’t it just come from fossil fuel power plants.  Maybe, but they are (at least the natural gas ones) are more efficient than internal combustion engines, even allowing for transmission losses.  Besides, there are many projects in the US to produce electricity without fossil fuels.  There’s a 60MW solar plant going up almost right next door to me.

Besides, Teslas also don’t emit sulfur compounds or nitrogen compounds or particulates or any of that other crap that comes out of tailpipes.  When combined with renewable energy, the Earth and everyone in it gets a huge benefit.

If I win the lottery, I’m buying a dozen of these to give to all my friends.

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