Break in the Posting


The stupid is getting thick and I have no time.  I’ll be traveling a lot over the next few months.  I haven’t finished my series on Your Inner Fish.  I started a new series on the Basics of Global Warming (of which the second post isn’t quite finished).

I spent a good chunk of this week without a real computer (my work laptop doesn’t count).  Rebuilding it was not arduous, but it was time consuming. I really want a new PC, but I just don’t have the $800 or so it would take.  But I want a quad core CPU and some serious memory.

Another big chunk of this week was scrambling to get some work completed for a client.  That was pretty crazy and I discovered it’s a lot easier to work 13 hour days when you work from home.

I also spent a goodly portion of the week cold calling well known science educators to be on a committee I’m going to be running.  Believe me you haven’t felt fear until you cold call a Ph.D. with a Nobel prize in Chemistry to ask him to be a consultant for a national project.  (If anyone wants to know, I had to leave a message with his secretary.)

I have also found a couple of new games to play with my boy.  He enjoys them and I’m trying to spend more time with him.  We built LEGO racing boats the other day and that was a blast.  Usually he doesn’t let me play with his toys.  I guess he’s growing up.

So, here’s my plan.  I hope that this week will let me knock out a few more chapters of Your Inner Fish.  That’s the only book I’m planning on bringing on my next trip.  Hopefully, one night, I can finish up a post or two on global warming.  I’m going to try to avoid posting about Perry running for president.  The thought scares me more than Michelle Bachman being president.

Hang tough fellow readers, we’ll get back on track soon enough.  Feel free to throw up some comments  on interesting things.

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3 Responses to Break in the Posting

  1. Rusty Smith says:

    OgreMkV, thank you for your blog – what you give us is worth waiting for.

  2. OgreMkV says:

    Thank you. That’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

  3. It’s OK to take a break from the Stupid, it will still be Stupid when you get back.

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