My Favorite / Best Android Apps

I put up a music list a while ago, now how about a list of favorite android apps.  Thanks to Dangerdoll for getting me thinking along these lines.

  • If you have an Amazon account, then “Amazon MP3” and the “Amazon Appstore”. If you ‘like’ Amazon appstore on facebook, you get a free app every day.  I’m perfectly happy with the stock Music player in android.  However, AmazonMP3 links to your Amazon Cloud folder and makes transferring music between the phone, Amazon cloud, and PC very, very easy.
  • Barcode Scanner” does the magic with all the barcodes and QR (square codes).
  • Beautiful Widgets” let’s you change the clock/weather and other features on the front page of the phone.
  • ‎”Color Notes” is an easy note take, list maker, and has a timer/alert feature.
  • Dropbox” let’s you move files easily between one platform and another. It’s easier than e-mailing the pictures to yourself.
  • Cool Reader” is a great book reader app that can handle most file formats
  • Lookout” is the best security software I’ve seen.
  • Google Maps” if your phone didn’t come with it.
  • QuickPic” is a very good gallery, picture viewer and let’s you e-mail pictures or put them on dropbox.
  • Swiftkey” is the best keyboard out there (IMO). It scans your files and can predict the next word you will use. I can type a whole sentence in like 5 or 6 clicks because I use the same sentences a lot in texting.

Most of those are paid apps, but they are only a few dollars each.

Other things I’ve learned.  DO NOT get the official facebook app.  Just point your stock browser to and login as normal.  It works perfectly well.

I also stick with the stock browser, I tried to upgrade to Firefox, but it was not as quick and tended to not work very well.  Someday, I might move to Chrome, but we’ll see.  I’m happy with stock for now.

If you decide to root your phone, let me know and I’ll get you a list of other apps that only work under root. But that’s probably farther than you want to go.

If you decide to root your phone, then I heartily encourage you to visit either


While not a trivial process, it can be done relatively easily for most phones and it gives you some pretty impressive options.  If you are REALLY good at following directions and have the desire to control every aspect of your android phone, then feel free to visit them.

I take no responsibility for whatever happens to your phone.  It is possible, though extremely rare, to brick the phone, turning it into a $400 paperweight.  On the other hand, through rooting, you can increase the battery life, upgrade the operating system, use certain apps that are not available to non-rooted phones, even overclock (or underclock) your phone CPU.

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  1. Nina says:

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