An Open Letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

Mr. Stephenson,

This is a formal complaint directly to you, because it is obvious that your customer service center, including the management thereof cannot correct the issues that your company has.

I have been a customer of AT&T for over 2 years, since I moved to the Austin area.  I have recently dropped AT&T wireless service because of the exceedingly poor wireless network service.  The problems I experienced included dropped calls, on a daily basis; text messages not being received in a timely fashion (on multiple occasions I had received the previous weeks worth of text messages in just a few minutes); and horrible data connection speeds.  These were not isolated instances.  You may check the record of my calls to the AT&T Customer Service Center.  This was a monthly thing.

I also need to inform you that your customer service system may be costing AT&T a significant amount of money, if my experience was any example.  Over a period of three days, I had talked with 4 CS reps,  three managers, two technicians, and a technician manager.  The first 5 people I talked to wanted to replace my wife and my smart phones as warranty replacements.  I was dissatisfied with this, so I finally talked to a level 3 tech who asked if I had replaced the SIM card.  Since that was the first I had heard about it, I went and had them replaced and everything was fine for a time.  But still, replacing 2 smartphones, when it was a SIM card issue?  Really?

Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem.  At one point I was told that the local tower was old and scheduled to be replaced.  Unfortunately, I was told this for over 9 months (roughly).  If they ever did replace the cell tower, it did not help.

The problems don’t stop there either.  In December of 2010, ATT replaced its website and computer billing system.  I know that it was December because for the previous 21 months, I had paid every bill on-line through the AT&T website.  Since December 2010, I have not been able to logon to the AT&T website without significant technical support from an AT&T rep.  I have a monthly meeting blocked out for two hours on my calendar to call AT&T and try to log in to the website to pay my bill.  Seven months later and I have yet to successfully login.

Everything has been tried, up to and including deleting my entire profile and me starting over from scratch.

In the middle of this (May 5th to be exact), I dropped AT&T wireless service and moved to Verizon.  Unfortunately, no amount of effort on my part or CS reps can remove my wireless information from being the dominant profile in the ATT system.  I cannot even pay ATT for my remaining services without calling ATT.  Needless to say, this is annoying.

In point of fact, dealing with AT&T has been the single most frustrating consumer experience I have ever had in my entire life (and I owned a Ford Pinto).

If it weren’t for the simple fact that AT&T has a monopoly on internet service in my area I would have dropped that service years ago.  The cap on internet usage is just one reason.  My wife is an artist who works for home.  We had previously dropped satellite TV because of the expense and rely solely on internet based entertainment.  Fortunately, we don’t watch much TV.  I have recorded my entire internet usage and we barely scraped by in the month of May.  If I had wanted to watch another movie, we would now be discussing overage fees.  This is a very unfortunate way to do business.

I have already forwarded a similar letter to my congressman and state senators.

Thank you for your time.  I will be posting this publicly on my personal blog.  Any response (or the lack thereof) will also be made public.  Since AT&T has removed our rights to sue and other courses of action, this is all I have left.

Thank you

UPDATE 6/29/2011

I have received an e-mail from Linda Jefferson, Manager – Office of the President (presumably of AT&T).  We’ll see if anything happens.

UPDATE 6/30/2011

I just got a call from AT&T.  It was from a very nice lady in the wireless division.  So, the first thing we talked about was the complete lack of integration in a supposedly integrated company and my issues trying to pay my bill after dropping the wireless service.

We also discussed the issues with the wireless service, internet bandwidth caps, and the poor customer service issues.

All in all, I spent about an hour on the phone teaching this poor woman about internet technology, the fact that AT&T has bandwidth caps (she has AT&T DSL and didn’t know about the bandwidth caps!!!!), why those caps are poor business, and a brief coverage of European internet services with actually have competition and have massively faster service for much, much cheaper prices (She didn’t know about that either).  She was also unaware of the inability of AT&T to accurately measure bandwidth usage.

Because of the lack of integration, she has to forward my comments to another division.  She said that I would hear from them soonish (24-48 hours).

We shall see what happens next.

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33 Responses to An Open Letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson

  1. shoshwrites says:

    They wanted to replace your wife? But seriously, folks, AT&T have abysmal service. After nearly 7 years, I’ve dropped their landline & internet service. I’ll never go back.

  2. Jenn says:

    -This- is why I was so pissed at the AT&T takeover of T-Mobile. I signed up with T-M in February, and I’m already dreading the changes.

  3. Jenn says:

    Your past and current experiences sound extremely frustrating! I can say that I would feel the same way if the situation were reversed. My name is Jenn, and I’m with AT&T. If you’d like to email me at with your account and contact information, I would be more than happy to look into this for you so we can get a resolution. I’m so sorry you’ve has such a poor experience! Thanks -ATTJenn

  4. sean says:

    I have spoken to the linda Jefferson on the phone for the issue I faced recently with an AT&T technician cutting my U-verse cable at the cross connect box that is controlled by AT&T. I was told that i only can get $10 off my monthly bill, after that linda Jefferson would not return phone calls, when my wife called and asked for an explanation, linda was very rude to her. We called another AT&T division, and they automaticly said sorry and offered 1 month free.

  5. sean says:

    sorry we we totally blacked out for 32 hours TV, Internet, Phones, and watched several AT&T trucks connect our neighbors. but got ignored.

  6. Joyce says:

    I also talk to AT&T on regular basis. When ever I ( or the other 2 phones we have) accidentally hit the internet key we are charged $2.00 each time. That results in anywhere from $2. to $20.00 per month. I have also spoken to a number of cs reps and managers on the next two levels. I have been told that it was the price I pay for not using my phone correctly. I could either pay for a data plan that I do not want or block my picture messaging which is a feature that we use quite a bit. Am I the only one who think there is something wrong with this? How many others are paying these fraudulent charges without even realizing it? This is by far the worst phone company that I have ever dealt with and I can not wait to terminate my plan!


  7. Rob says:

    I just received a text message saying that I am in the top 5 percent of data users and my data speed will be slowed if I continue to use my data feature. I’ve only used 2gb of data. Yes to some people that is quite a bit but honestly it really shouldn’t matter. I’ve paid 30 dollars per month for years to have unlimited data. I just got off of the phone with an AT&T rep telling me that I should pay for the 4gb tier. Why should I do that since I have unlimited data? I ask her. You won’t have a problem with slow data of you pay for the 4gb plan, she tells me. So AT&T is trying to force their loyal customer to pay more for something they’ve paid hundreds if not, thousands of dollars for already. They are going to lose a lot of customers this way and I am one of them.

  8. Meyer says:

    ATT stinks

  9. S says:

    And I hope your kids get cancer randall

  10. Cat Storch says:

    He gets 21 milions dollars a year and AT&T still SUCKS. Horrible customer service – wait! Beyond horrible – We have been customers with 4 phones and an awlful MIFI device for YEARS!!!!!!!!Ordered a phone on 7/17/13 (upgrade), order confirmed, then cancelled, then 3.5 hours later (phone support and finally a trip to the AT&T store). No explanation as to WHY order was cancelled. Wait…. lame excuse was “we think your credit card is being used fraudelently” Really? Who are you people and why on Earth would you think that by pre-ordering a phone that we were using the wrong credit card!!!!!! You ended up putting phone on our LAW FIRM PA CARD anyway once we came into the store – We were not adding any lines, not changing anything but replacing a phone – Randall Stephenson should have to try being a normal person trying to get assistance. Oh and BTW, if you try calling a brick and motar store for follow-up you cannot speak to a human. I tried for nearly 2.5 hours to call the local Daytona Beach AT&T in ISB and NEVER got to speak with a person. If we ran our business like this we would be on public assistance. Why would you NOT STAFF correctly? Randall do you really need more $$. CAN NOT WAIT TO MOVE TO HAWAII AND SWITCH TO VERIZON! Also, as I rant – the MIFI device SUCKS and good God why would you not offer a better plan? Please fire everyone and hire all of folks that have BITCHED and COMPLAINED – we would make you more $$ Randy –

    AT&T SUCKS!!!!!!

  11. I’m a retired senior user of att and on a fixed income, recently my bundle expired, my mo bill went fron 68$ mo to 96$ Mo, , I called and down graded my Inter net dsl from high speed to 768K and some how my Long Distance service got cut off, I called and called to get LD service restored, and it took 3 weeks, and when it was restored my inter net service was changed back to highest speed. I always get a service rep with an accent who don’t speak good English, and speaks so fast I cannot understand them, I called today, to change my inter net speed back to slow speed, and again an off shore person with an accent, and spoke so fast I had to ask over and over to repeat, Why cant you hire Americans here in the US who need jobs. And every time I call any service dept. its always the wrong dept. The off shore people are incompetent, I’ve been with Ma Bell for a lot of yrs, and ATT trys to save money, I understand that, but you try calling for different services and see what you think of the service. Thanks for letting me speak. Jack A. Brookshire Sr [ed. DELETED PRIVATE INFORMATION]

  12. Keith says:

    AT&T provides less than acceptable service to there customers I was on hold for 40 minutes trying to resolve a issue with my bill.. I cancelled my service I had a deposit on the account they took the deposit and applied it to the bill and I had already paid the last bill !!! They have no right o do that .. I HATE THIS COMPANY AND IM GOING TO MAKE SURE EVERY SOCIAL SITE KNOWS HOW HORRIBLE THEY ARE IM TAKING LEGAL ACTION AND FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE BBB

  13. Bob Eldridge says:

    Please contact me about bad service at the Woodstock AT&T phone store.

  14. Benita says:

    I am just heartbroken over the way AT&T has lied to us about charges on the bill. This is actually my mother’s home phone and uverse bill. My mom is elderly and takes care of my brother who is mentally handicapped. He loves being able to go on facebook and with friends. AT&T rep told us that the total bill would be $49.95 for home phone and uverse. My mom is on fixed income so this was great for her. The next bill she received was $118.00 so I called AT&T and was told there was no plan for $49.95. I gave them the confirmation number and reps name that promised us that (unfortunately confirmation numbers don’t really mean much to AT&T)..I might as well talk to myself as I would have gotten more accomplished. This company does not care about their’s all about the money..really sad..hope the higher ups sleep good tonite. I will say a prayer for all of you..

  15. Bob Eldridge says:

    I find that most of the AT&T people are very good folks. However I run into two of their first line managers that were poorly trained and didn’t have a proper attitude towards customers. One didn’t know his job and directed me to the wrong department the and other had little flexibility, I suggest that AT&T look into how their managers are trained and insure that they have the customers problem their first priority. I still don’t have my answer.

  16. Rodger says:

    ATT is the worst. I was told in Jan. 2014 that i could get a free upgrade on my phones. YEAH right . I am still wondering what was free with this. After a week with poor signal, dropped calls and not receiving Messages on time I called the store and asked what was up with this? If this was what I was going to get for service due to the free upgrades I would like to return the phones and cancel my contract. I was told the problem wasnt with the phones but due to a tower being down in my area and bare with them and it would be fixed soon. A week later nothing had changed. with a call and a chat with att CS Im told the tower is still down. I told ATT store I would like to return these products and go back to my old phones. They agreed and said I could come in on Sat and make the change. When I went to the store on Sat. I was told I couldnt return or change anything I was to late at that time and past the buyers remorse period. But I called prior to that, Sorry we have no record of that. For 3 Months now I have contacted ATT several times and spoke with anyone that would listen. I have had Techs. try to do repairs , even change my phone back to the old GSM system with no luck. Thru all this ATT say sorry you have a contract. I may have a contract but ATT will not be free of me and my continued complaining for the next 22 months. I have come to the conclusion that the contract is the only way they can keep there customers.
    What a piss poor company..

  17. kippage says:

    I have had a problem with AT&T since February. I have spoken with numerous reps and do not expect any problem new or old (they replace one problem with a new one) to go away permanently. Basically, I will not change my service when they try to push it on me because I am convinced that it will mean a significant jump in price sooner or later. I know that whatever they promise me in person without writing (which is always the case) can easily be denied if a future problem warrants a phone call to them explaining the promise. These are givens based on my experiences, experiences of family and friends, and experiences of those online.
    There are two ways their promises have come true… new customer order (until something changes even if promised no extra charges) or when you call to canceland they promise to wipe out or reduce fees. However, any promises along woth this are subject to denial. Like the first time I canceled, she offered a package that was acceptable to me but not quite up to par with the original that they pulled from under me (too long to explain). The billing went well for two months until I called to out my service on hold for a month since i was promised this at when I rescinded my cancellation. They told me I could not do this except with special circumstances which was not told to me. when I was offered the package i repeated the offer, emphasizing that there was not time limits, etc. They told me thos was correct.

    The sad part is, after I was promised this, I did not trust anything and knew that I wanted to put it in writing. So I looked up Randall Stephensen’s, CEO, address because they will not give you address or phone number for him. I sent him a lenghty letter explaining the entire situation beginning from the first snafu and ending with the promise. I asked him to contact me this was not acceptable. Several weeks later, the letter was returned for incorrect address.

  18. Susan Taylor says:

    I hear all of you! I am a small business owner, you know, the kind that is supposed to be driving the economy forward?! Yup, I have 14 employees and 70% of my annual revenues pay their wages. So, what do you think AT&T just did? They made me switch to U-Verse. That’s right, they told me I had to change or couldn’t use them anymore. Seeing how all my business systems were connected, and ALL telecommunication companies suck, and although I never agreed, they sent a technician to take my old equipment away and give me new. The result? A whopping $620.00 bill from my personal IT company. Why? AT&T was totally, totally incompetent. They forced me to make a change (and, by the way, sold of their DSL Division to drive up stock prices…) and, in return, sent the equivalent of an ape to “install” the U-Verse system. He knew absolutely nothing. Seeing how my business had to SHUT down for 2 days (my reservation system, computers, internet, webcams, printer/fax were ALL connected), Then, AT&T has the balls to actually BILL me for their ape like technician. But, still, there is no where else to go. They all suck. Been to all of them and have to say it is probably favors in Washington that pave the way here. Us “little people” are screwed.

    Susan Taylor
    Dog Tired Daycare

  19. Gayee says:

    1. AT&T misspelt my name. I asked AT&T for correction. I was advised that the error would be definitely corrected years ago. Today, the error is still there. 2. I did not subscribe text messaging, but ATT allowed text messaging going through my cell phone and charged me without my consent or subscription.

  20. Insulted! says:

    We’ve had the same problem most of you have had. AT&T has been our cell carrier and land line carrier for numerous years then we bundled and added the $160. Monthly shared family plan so now have 4 cell phones and iPad on the acct along with Direct TV and High-Speed DSL
    Customer Service and problems have been resolved without any problems before now….now
    We are getting the RUN around!!
    Since we had an ice storm in Feb. 2014 – Our Cell Service is TERRIBLE!!
    DROPPED CALLS and NO SERVICE is now the norm…..called the Customer Service Dept several times to complain about not having service and dropping calls constantly…always gives the excuse the towers are damaged…..ok sorry the storm messed them up….now it’s time to fix them.
    Ok this week placed two calls about the same problem. The first representative says she can’t find any reason why we have no service and dropping calls ( we were discontinued 3-4 times while on the cell with her) claims there are no towers down and service should be ok…no luck here! So called back on Thursday and repeated the entire conversation/problem with a new rep by the name of Rachel….now we are fired of the RUN AROUND and complaining heavily……Not Getting the Service that is being paid for every month! Period! Time for adjustments to be given for the last 6 months!! Sympathetic, she was before she insulted us … She has spoken to her Supervisor and she can give a $20.00 credit for this months bill…..excuse me? That’s not going to fly $20.00 credit on a bill of almost $200.00 for cell acct and $285. For the landline, DSL, Direct TV etc. for a combined total paid to AT&T of close to $600. Per month and the offer is for $20. Credit insulted!!
    Then Ms Rachel checked her system and informed us that there were numerous damaged cell towers in our area and that was why we were having problems with NO SERVICE and all the DROPPED CALLS! We don’t mind paying for a service we contracted for — however when the service is not working properly credits should be issued without question each month until AT&T has fixed THEIR DEFECTIVE CELL TOWERS! How would they feel if they had purchased a car and it ran great until something broke and the dealership should be responsible only to have the rep say we can give you a credit of $20.00 on your entire repair bill???
    AT&T has no customer service and all they want is the MONEY!!! They don’t care about their customer’s they are in it for the MONEY…..plain and simple!! No other words are needed!!!

  21. Patrick Larkin says:

    Remember one thing AT&T like most corporations here the USA are only interested in SHAREHOLDER SEVICE not Customer service

  22. Priscilla Kelsey says:

    I have been hassling with AT&T since May 2013 after my DSL High Speed Internet quit working and have spent unbelievable hours of my time on the phone with so many of their reps, sr. reps. and supervisors that I am loosing count now (but am keeping a daily log as proof of calls). In October 2013 I was told that DSL was no longer available so I qualified to be “UPGRADED”. to U-verse. What an upgrade!!! Sometimes it takes up to two weeks for me to even get into my Facebook, and my e-mail account is backlogged with e-mails that I cannot access at all. They have told me my problems range from the router (which was replaced 4 times) then they said it was my computer (had my own technician check it twice, he even wiped everything out and restored it for me, replaced the card, we even took it to his house and hooked it up to his computer and it worked liked a charm on his Internet Service (Charter) so wee ruled out that it in my computer. Next AT&T decided it was an outside line problem so they would then proceed to send out 4 separate line technicians (each had a different opinion – 2 said it was a line problem, one said it was not a line problem, the other said ther was a slight problem on the line but is shouldn’t be affecting my Internet service). One would say I had to be at a 1.5 range and the next one would say I had to be at a 3.0 range for u-verse to work so I have been switched back and forth 4 times yet the speed still sucks whether I’m at 3.0 or 1.5 (where they have me back to now). None of them believes that it is an inside line problem. Then suddenly for no reason, I lost complete Internet connection for two weeks and after trying everything I knew to do and the book suggested to do to get my service back up I made another attempt last week to resolve this issue. The rep I spoke with walked me through some steps (new steps no one else had ever even suggested before) and gave me a code to type in that supposedly would increase my speed (NOT!), however it did get me back on-line so I could access my Facebook and Search Tools. But still did not solve my problem in not being able to open my e-mail account. When I called this same rep back she informed me that this was not an Internet problem now, but is a Microsoft Software Problem because my e-mail account goes through Outlook. So I have called Microsoft and they have now informed me that they cannot correct my problem with Outlook because my AT&T U-verse is operating so slow that they cannot get my account to come up so they can remove the remote from it. So here I am after 18 months back to square one with AT&T U-verse where this week I will have to spend another “who knows how many hours” back on the phone trying to explain to the hundredth rep this new delimma and my chances are probably slim to none that my problem will be solved yet again. My husband and I have been AT&T Customers for over 40 years and been through every merger of Bell South, South Central Bell, etc., etc. they have been through and remained faithful customers but I am at the end of my rope and I am searching out a new ISP. I know I live in a rural area (but less than 1/2 mile of the city limits of a small city) but you would think that I live in the backwoods of nowhere to hear these technicians and reps talk about “why my service is so slow”. Come on folks, in this day of great technology I find it hard to believe that my neighbor less than 500 feet from me is getting great service and I am getting the “slow train to Georgia” service. We have a cell tower on our property which includes both Verizon and AT&T wireless service and even have new fiber optic lines running through the lines directly in front of my house. We have family on both wireless services and have no problems with their cell phone services in our area so why am I having such a struggle getting decent Internet service? If anyone with upper lines of authority out there with AT&T U-verse is listening, I think you had better step up to the plate and try to resolve some of these complaints because sounds like the competition is moving in quite fast on your territory. I for one am tired to paying out my hard earned money for a service I may get to use one or two days a month (if I am lucky)! If U-verse is the best you have to offer then AT&T might as well shut their doors because from my experience with it thus far it is a piece of CRAP!!

  23. Harriett Hughes says:

    I have dropped AT and T because of the poor service. I have had it for 50 years and had a land line, 4 cellphones and Internet. I wanted to get Uverse, but it was not in my neighborhood although a friend 10 blocks away has it. They didn’t know when it would be here and told me to watch for their trucks!! The last straw was when I called about my 478 dollar bill and they said they could reduce it, but never did. I am getting letters from a collection agency even after I wrote a letter to them with my proof that I didn’t owe the money. I still had my bills! It has been more of a hassle than I every wanted to deal with and as soon as the contract is up on my cellphones they will no longer be getting my money! Talking to customer service is torture. You are on the phone for hours and passed from one rep to another or cut off and have to start over. HELP!!

  24. John says:

    I purchased a new LG G3 at the AT&T store and found out that the phone has a defect where the plastic around the screen cracks. LG admits this as there problem and told me they will replace it no problem, but I need to send it in to the repair center and it will take about 2 weeks. I can’t be without a phone for 2 weeks! So considering I got this phone with ATT next and still owe $430.00 and its not a year old yet I call ATT and and ask them to replace, repair or at the very least give me a loner phone so I can send it to LG. All my request are denied because even though LG is saying this is a known issue with the manufacturing they never sent ATT any info about the defect and So they consider it dropped and its my fault. So I think well let me call LG back and kindly ask they to get in touch with the correct department and have ATT records updated with the defect so they will fix it for me without sending it away for 2 weeks. LG staff and as very rude told me I dont know what I’m talking about started yelling at me and every time I call back I get hung up on. So I call ATT back explain what LG did and the lady was very nice asked her boss and they told me I could get it repaired and when I was billed for the repair they would credit it back. I agreed this was a good outcome and the agent said ok let me put you on hold write everything up and get your case number I’ll be bright back. About 5mins into the hold the call was transferred to the mobile device support center with no explanation from the lady I was talking with. So the new agent comes online and I explained yet again everything and was told do u know her name…I had forgotten by that point because I was already an hour into this. She asked her boss and they said they can’t do what I was informed by the previous supervisor and I’m back to square one! UGH!!!!! So my next step was a very shot and polite letter the the president of the mobile side so we will see if I get any help there. If not I am considering ATT to have not provided services as in my contract for att next and will work to have the remainder of the 430.00 voided. I will not pay anymore of my hard earned cash for a broken manufacturer defect. Not going to happen!!

  25. Barbara says:

    My service on my device with AT&T. So horrible. .. Without service .. Still getting billed..
    I contacted c.s. Many times. As my bill was coming due .. While I’m without service I asked
    For credit on my bill She told me she couldn’t ,that I would need to talk with someone else
    And suggested that I go into the store to have service restored..I asked in the meantime what
    About my bill coming due soon (middle of the month). She said IllGive you to the end of the month
    To pay.. She assured me this will not be considered late.. I paid my bill on the date she gave me.
    However my bill arrived with a late amount. Insult to injury as I was without their service . I paid
    My bill on the date the c.s. Gave me to..I was denied credit when I complained.. B.t.w. I was never
    Late..ever.. I Was expecting credit , but to no avail….c.s several of them said I would have to pay
    The late payment. .. This co. Needs to keep their word. .. I’m very unhappy with them .plan on
    Switching soon….Also the c.s. Is horrible ..keep you on holld for ages ..get cut off ..then have to
    Call again. Wait for ages again.. Very disgusted with this company…

  26. Beverly Strayhorn says:

    Can I please get a real person to talk to at the corporate office I need a better phone. All of your phone numbers for Mr. Stephenson goes right to customers service.
    My complaints are about complaint service.

  27. al says:

    This IS NOT the AT&T of a few years ago!

    My wife and I have been with AT&T for about a decade. We have upgraded our phones a few times and had absolutely no problems with the Redlands branch . . . until a week ago. My wife recently bought a Samsung phone. To be honest, we’re older and the Samsung just doesn’t fit our simple lifestyle. She decided to return the phone the day before the return period ended.

    The manager (Saenz/Saed), however, was not having it. She became argumentative and downright belligerent. In the end, she threatened my wife and called the other employees to come out as a show of force (as if my tiny, school teacher wife & mother of our baby would hurt someone!). My wife called home in tears. I immediately called the branch and asked for a manager. A young girl (who goes by “Angelica”) answered the phone and immediately became very rude and belligerent as well. I said, “I really hope that this call is being recorded, so people can hear how you’re not even letting me finish a sentence.”

    To make matters worse, my wife even had an AT&T corporate rep ON THE PHONE AS IT HAPPENED. All he could do is say, ” You ARE able to return your phone. I am sorry that this is happening to you. You should not be treated like this!” He heard and noted the entire event.

    In the end, AT&T is sending an RMA for the return of the phone. We are on a month-to-month service. As soon as the phone is sent, we will be dropping our service and will go with a better company, who knows what CUSTOMER SERVICE means.

    Maybe I’m just old. Back in the day, I used to work for Nordstrom, in several restaurants and as a warehouse manager. We always received training about customer service and held it in high regard. “A happy customer is a returning customer.” This was always the basic policy at any job.

    AT&T no longer shares this idea. Rather than taking the time to train experienced workers, they find it more important to hire kids, who know how to use a phone and look pretty. This policy, however, comes with a price. The Redlands branch, in particular, is currently full of a bunch of snot-nosed kids with terrible, entitlement issues. You (the customer) are now treated more as a nuisance – rather than THE PEOPLE WHO BRING THEM MONEY.

  28. b says:

    my view on at&t do not stand behind there service, they tryed to help but when it was too much for them, to walk or call samsung to get the right part for the customer after the said that they meaning at&t would fix it and make it right tell me to goget it myself that is bad pr so dont fall for that better to call bbb and file a complaint which will be done

  29. j.m. cross says:

    randall needs to find a new job and all the member on the board needs to be replaced.Poor geek got all upset about e-mails well let me tell you randall you know that BIG FAT CHECK YOU GET EVERY MONTH i AM ONE THAT PAYS YOU !! SO AS HARRY TRUMAN PUT IT. IF ITS GETTING TO HOT IN KITCHEN GET THE HADES OUT!! iT WOULD BE THE BEST THING SINCE SHORTBREAD.ATT CUSTOMERS DESERVE BETTER THAN WHAT YOU DISHING OUT. WHICH IS NOTHING BUT A EGO GeeK PROBLEM !!

  30. FK PAINE says:

    After 45 calls and two lengthy letters to AT&T in just 8 months, AT&T is the WORST company I have EVER EVER DEALT WITH, False promises, muddles, outright lies, assumptions that customers are AT&T’s to bully,intimidate, trespass upon and dehumanized via “password” requirements to get public information. I could write a book! Gov’t oversight REQUIRED !

  31. I personally spent over 10 hours yesterday May 18th 2016 trying to get my email restored after AT&T suspended my service the second time in a week and a half they suspended my service based on what they claimed was non-payment of the bill the thing is they didn’t calculate was that I would call and actually take them to task for it. Finally, three different people one in st. Louis, and another two in another location admitted to me that I never owed them any money at all and that I was due a refund of $88 and some change. They indicated to me that my account should never have been suspended either time and that when I paid the $88 they actually shouldn’t have even tried to bill me for any amount of money. I had paid the $88 to see if I could get the account restored without having to go through their technical support and billing department and being tossed back and forth numerous times between billing and tech support Depts. That was on May 7th of 2016. I canceled my service when I moved 4/4/2016, because AT&T told me they had no service in the new area where I was moving to. I had no choice but to cancel when I moved and at that time was told I could move my Email with me, because it belong to me. I moved my email to my new location and used Time Warner Cable they have been just fine and my email work with Time Warner Cable. That has been from 4/7/2016 uninterrupted until 5/7/2016, when, ATT, decided to unilaterally cut off my email allegedly for non-payment of my bill. I have already detailed how I got around that above then from May 8th up until yesterday May 18th at 3:30 a.m., my email work just fine with Time Warner Cable is my provider then at 3:30 a.m. on May 18th all of the sudden my email was suspended again by AT&T this was allegedly for non-payment of a bill which they said I owed them the problem they have is they don’t know what they’re doing. I pointed out to them they could not bill me for service from March 31st to May 7th because they had told me they had no service in this area. How can you Bill for something you can’t provide. I pointed that out to them and I actually got two people who were honest enough to admit I was right. One of them said they were going to send me a refund check, but she got cut off mysteriously after she provided me with a temporary password number for my email account so I could get back on my email. I called and called again and called again finally I spoke to a woman who said that she knew my account has been suspended and it shouldn’t have been but that it was unfortunate but my email was going to be suspended for 60 to 90 days and then after that I could retrieve my email account and get all the emails which she said would still be there. Unfortunately for AT&T they are going to lose me a lot of money by their inability to act promptly when they have made a terrible mistake. I am going to have to sue them because I’m losing several business opportunities as a direct result of them actually stealing my email account due to non-payment of a bill they could never send me in the first place because they don’t provide service out here where I live. One good thing though is that they record everything that they and you say, which means it’s like a deposition and I can use the recordings in court to point out just how badly I was treated and how they admitted they had made a mistake. The other thing that’s good about them is that they will never give you a name of a person that you are talking to except for a first name this policy means I can just Sue AT&T in general and they will have to provide me with the names, all the names of everybody I talked to. I have personal experience with telephone companies when I got out of the Army in 1970 I worked for Mountain Bell Telephone in Phoenix Arizona that was for four and a half years. On one occasion I worked with another man overtime from Midnight to 8 a.m. after my regular shift from 4 p.m. to midnight. Paul and I ran in over 6,000 lines. The two of us, for a new Bank building across the street from Mountain Bell Telephone company headquarters. That was called The Valley Bank building and it was 14 stories, a big building for Phoenix Arizona at the time. I and a man named Paul Sundley, ran in those 6000 lines, in about two and a half weeks and we’ were told we had overtime for 6 weeks to run in those lines when they checked our work after two and a half weeks, the management couldn’t believe it we had run 6000 lines in perfectly the first time with no mistakes. They checked our work 6 different times and they couldn’t find a mistake. People believed in working back then and doing the best job they could. Too bad AT&T can’t do that nowadays I guess those days are past we have to put up with permanent mediocrity from the top to the bottom. Good luck AT&T you’re going to need it cuz I’m suing you and all your employees for cutting off my email for no good reason. I didn’t owe you for any bill, and you couldn’t even bill me at all because you don’t provide service out here where I live. So you billed me for tIme you had no right billing me for during a period when my service had already been cancelled, from April 1st to May the 7th of 2016 after I had already moved to an area where you had no service and no reason to Bill me. Then your employees lied to me and said that my email account belonged to you and that’s wrong my email account belongs to me so you not only tried to extort money from me you had no right to demand, you also stole my email account and told me I could never get my messages back. Shame on you AT&T all of you need to be fired there are only about 3 or 4 people who even talk to you over there anymore and that’s the ones that tried to restore my email to me and admitted that AT&T owed me money. AT&T, your service is never going to be any good you might as well just lose your company and split it up like Robert Kennedy told you way back in the 70’s.

  32. John Anderson says:

    I bundled in July 2016 and i have had nothing but problems since.I have had over 50 dropped calls and internet service there has been at least 12 workers here at my house and i still have problems.
    I have also talked to at least 12 people with at+t with no results.Is not something that can be done?

  33. Stupid says:

    Just heard what you do with your new promotion for a 2 year contract that you renige on shame on you and to think I own thasands of shares with your company.. Shame on You, bet your mother would be real proud of you cheating thosssnds of people.. Shame on You….

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