What Would You Do If? – Global Warming

I was thinking this weekend, how cool would it be to develop a device that could relatively easily remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Then, I thought, that would be horrible.  So here’s your chance to tell me and everyone else what you think and why.

Answer the poll and feel free to think of other options and reasons in the comments.

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2 Responses to What Would You Do If? – Global Warming

  1. Russell C says:

    You need to do some serious studying of what’s in the atmosphere before suggesting such a preposterous ‘solution’. And on the assumption this all about reducing man-caused global warming, I’d further suggest you rummage through the 880 page NIPCC 2009 Report ( http://www.nipccreport.org/reports/2009/2009report.html ) citing thousands of peer-reviewed science journal-published papers that contradicts what the IPCC says, and explain how we resolve the differences between the two.

    And if your first reaction about the NIPCC 2009 Report is that it is a fabrication by oil-funded think tanks containing useless information, you can expect a universal two-word reply, “Prove it.”

  2. OgreMkV says:

    Ah, Fred Singer… say no more. You must understand, than no one agrees with him. It doesn’t really matter how many citations are used. No competent climate scientist (of which Singer is not, his Ph.D. is in Chemistry) agrees with him.

    Of your 880 page report, 140 pages of it are a petition. I’d like to know exactly how many climate scientists are on that petition. This smacks of the Discovery Institute’s anti-evolution campaign with more than 400 scientists… of course, over 390 have degrees unrelated to biology and more than 200 have degrees unrelated to science.

    I won’t argue about the ‘thousands’ of peer-reviewed papers. Well, I will.

    Of the entire 880 pages, only 22 actually deal with climate. Arguably, the 21 page section on feedback and forcing could be considered climate. 40 pages out of 880. The rest deal with observations that I’m sure have their own unique spin on interpreting the data, biological effects, and chemistry.

    “If it’s the truth, why do you have to lie to defend it?” This quoted question really cuts to the core of many of the anti-global warming issues. Even the suggestion that Singer has accepted money from the oil industry is enough to taint his research. BTW: Where is SInger’s peer-reviewed work on climate modeling? Oh yeah, he hasn’t published anything peer-reviewed in over a decade.

    Look, here are the facts.
    1) The ten hottest years on record have all occurred in the last 13 years.
    2) Five of those hottest years on record have occurred in during an extremely low solar minimum.
    3) The CO2 increase has predicted the rise in temperature extremely well.
    4) Regardless of the cause, organisms, especially marine life cannot adapt to the rapid increase of temperature.
    5) No period in the history of the Earth that we can find has seen as RAPID an increase in temperature as has occurred over the last 60 odd years.
    6) Even if global warming didn’t exist (and it does) there are plenty of other reasons to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. You are aware of recent research that shows plants do not do as well in high CO2 environments?
    7) Even if global warming doesn’t exist (and it does) there are still plenty of reasons to stop fossil fuel use. It’s called pollution… oh wait, that’s right Singer doesn’t even think second hand smoke is dangerous. I guess he wouldn’t mind living next to a refinery and breathing all the wonderful carcinogens coming from them.

    Finally, I suggest you read my other articles on global warming and I further suggest you stop reading Singer.

    Last question, is simple… why? Why do you not agree with the climate scientists?

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