Flea Control Advice

The coming of summer gives you a lot of great things… and a few not so great things.  Acipenser on the After the Bar Closes forum gives some good advice for flea control.  I reprint this here in it’s entirety.

Sevin (carbaryl) is a pesticide with low toxicity in cats and it knocks the fleas down quickly on the animals.  Don’t use a pyrethroid insecticide (powder, dip, or bath) since cats are quite sensitive to that family of pesticides.  If a product is labled for cats and contains a pyrethroid chances are the concentration is too low to be of much use in killing the fleas….safer for the cats but ineffective.

If carpets and such are infested some other major assaults may be required such as:  Sevin dusted on the carpets or diatomacious earth for a much less toxic alternative…….but it is not very good for healthy lung tissue…avoid breathing dust.

Once the initial knockdown has been accomplished you can start with the Advantage for long-term control.

Another alternative for carpets (or lawns) would be spraying with a imidacloprid containing pesticide (active ingredient in Advantage).  I’d look in the garden section for such a product but be careful that it is not formulated with one of the synthetic pyrethroids (e.g., Tau-Fluvalinate) for a much cheaper alternative than one labeled for pets.

Overall Sevin will give you a chance for rapid control of am exploding population of fleas.

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