What’s Up and Poetry

Things are a little hectic right now.

I have finished chapter 5 of Your Inner Fish and it’s a doozy.  It’s going to take a bit to figure out how to condense it into something readable and yet complete.

On the other hand, I leave for Iowa at 7:00AM tomorrow and I won’t be back until fairly late Thursday.  I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have in the evenings to write it up.

With that, I’ll give you some stuff I’ve posted elsewhere before.  Yep, I have written poetry.  It’s been a long time (Windows didn’t exist, the computer was 8 megahertz, and had no hard drive).

With that.. poetry…

In My Mind

There’s a struggle
in my mind
a fight for right
and wrong

Good has a beachhead
on blackened shores
evil’s got a grasp
of the inner self

Scorched earth
is the defense
life, mercy, love
are the offense

faith is a fighter
hope is a warrior
goodness and love
fight side by side

my mind is a wasteland
pockets of good
bright islands
in a dark sea

battle night
stormy day
hell and heaven
make their way

through the trenches
in my soul
rending, tearing
healing, loving

sometimes at night
I hear trumpets blow
steel on steel
wood on bone

cries of victory
pain and dispair
demon hordes and
angelic legions

fight for right
and wrong
and my soul
in my mind

The Edge

Heart of Darkness

Black like shadow
smooth like a river’s flow
a thundering roar
at the fiery core
of a heart like a beast

Like a bird on a wing
like a wild night’s fling
a match’s flame
you cannot tame
walkin’ on the razor’s edge

Like a cold steel blade
like life’s parade
midnight fantasy
you will not see
shadows in the midnight dark

When night comes around
and you hear her sound
run for light
you cannot fight
the blackest flame of the hear


Demon kitty, demon kitty
how do you slay
by pouncing on the ball
down the hall

Demon kitty, demon kitty
where do you stay
In my master’s lap
fighting or a nap

Demon kitty, Demon kitty
where do you stray
on the bed under the sheet
chewing on my master’s feet

Demon kitty, demon kitty
how do you play
by clawing my master
and chewing on the bastar…


Thundering herds in my mind
a subtle reminder of the past
now, creatures, you will no find
they vanished, never to last

When man came here
to where life began
the plains were clear
unspoiled land

the struggle is age old
life and death and birth
stories are still untold
mysteries of ancient Earth

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