Wind Power Storage Systems II

I just found out about this one, thanks to InhabitatDuke Energy has contracted with Xtreme Power to build a 36 MW ‘battery’* system at the Notrees Wind Farm in West Texas.

OK… that’s that…  Oh wait, you want more.  Fine…

The ‘big problem’ with renewables is the lack of constant power.  One solution is to store the power.  Xtreme Power seems to be getting into this market in a big with three storage systems in Hawaii and now, their biggest, in Texas.

Xtreme POwer has a couple of stock systems… like the shipping container base 1 MWh system (1 Megawatt for 1 hour).  But their, seemingly simple, power cells look to be massively scalable for a huge variety of applications.

The base powercell is a 12V 1Kwh dry cell, with a variety of propriety technologies that reduce the heat, improve power retention and flow, etc.  It sounds like some really cool stuff.  They just take the multiple PowerCells and combine them with a dedicated control system and bang, massive storage.

This is a huge deal.  This will help even one wind farm.  If the wind is blowing, but no one is using power, then the energy is wasted.  However, if the wind isn’t blowing and everyone needs power, well… sorry.  But with a storage system, then extra power can be saved for later use.  It’s an amazingly simple concept and all things considered it doesn’t seem that expensive.

Talk is that this system will add 1 or 2 cents to every kilowatt-hour produced by the Notrees facility.  I think this is an investment worth making for wind farms.  Wind energy, at least in my area, is still the cheapest there is (9.5 cents per kilowatt-hour for the next 6 months).  Sure there are cheaper rates, but there’s no guarantee that they will stay cheaper.

Anyway, cool tech.

* Don’t call it a battery, it’s a power management system.

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