Saudi Arcology on Track

The Saudi’s aren’t letting Dubai have all the fun.*  In fact, they are planning to take the record for the tallest building (that Dubai now holds) and smash into constituent atoms.  Yep, they have an architect and a builder for a 1 mile tall tower.  That’s 5280 feet, almost twice the Burj Khalifa‘s 2700 feet.

Honestly, this tower (if it looks like the artist’s impression below) will be a darn sight prettier than the Burj Khalifa. (from the link above)

What they are claiming about the tower is that it will include high end housing, businesses, entertainments, which means it meets my requirements for an arcology.  Further claims that it will support 80,000 people (presumably as permanent residents and employees of resident companies) with services to support a million visitors (I assume not at the same time).

Final cost is estimated at over 26 billion US dollars.  Ouch… almost as much as the US government is trying to cut from the budget.  I suspect that there will be cost overruns.



* And it sounds like it’s not all fun for Dubai.  The have so many megastructures and new housing coming online that housing prices are plummeting.  Sources indicate that over 200 projects are on hold by the government of Dubai because of this.

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