A Reset of Society

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.  The Republicans may just find out the truth of this statement if they keep pushing an insane scorched Earth policy against their opponents and half of their own constituents.

While discussing this with a good friend, she suggested that our society (American society) was somewhat over due for a reset.  She couldn’t really describe the reset, but I think we both understood the principle.

Very few cultures are stable over long periods of time.  Arguably, the American culture has been stable longer than most.  Now, when I mean stable, I don’t mean that there was a British Empire 600 years ago.  I’m talking about everything from the government system to the societal norms.

Some point to the rapid shift from the majority being anti-gay to the majority being pro-gay rights in less than a decade as evidence that we are growing as a society.  I’m not so sure.  Yes, the majority seem to think that every citizen should have rights equally, but the opponents are becoming more vocal, more violent, and worse, they seem to get elected with painful regularity.

As my friend described it, and I fully agree with her, politicians will pick a polarizing issue to stand on.  One that the majority will agree with.  They hope that no one will ask about their other thoughts.  Then we get a guy with one good policy and a bunch of insane policies and everyone asks, “How did this idiot get elected?”

What we really need is a government reset.  Unfortunately, that cannot happen in the US.  The powers that be are firmly entrenched and they are so busy carving up the pie that is the US, they can’t be bothered to listen to their constituents.

What really needs to happen is a completely new country.  New population, new government, new rules.  Rules that make sense.

One major hurdle is that all the land on the Earth is either spoken for, protected lands, or otherwise useless.  So, we need something else.

Some people with enough money could change that though.  I think there is sufficient technical know how to develop a purely floating country.  Put it out in the mid-Atlantic, with wind and solar facilities.

I’d start with a large casino resort purely for an income.  It would be relatively easy to add fish farming facilities.  If you wanted to go with an OTEC plant, then you could even add cold-water species like lobster and crab.

I’ve always been interested in GEVs, so that might be an efficient way of getting too and from he facility… country.  Every few months, add on another 1/4 square mile of floating concrete land.  I would definitely include a top-of-the-line university and research facility.  Export items would include seafood, electricity (possibly) and research.  Other income from tourism would be included as well.

Rules would be pretty simple.  All permanent residents get a vote.  Everything is from citizen referendums.  2/3s majority on everything.  Citizens are people that donate their fortune to the country.  Only citizens may act as judges.  There is no real ‘government’ per say as it is all referendum and individual based.

The constitution is everyone can do whatever they want provided it does not harm or interfere with another’s rights.  Rights include life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, safety, and freedom.

I know this is very basic, but I could flesh it out.  There’s just not a lot of point.  It would take Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to even start this.

I think it would work.

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