Republicans Hate You and Your Family (if you have a low income)

This is sad.  HR 1135

If a bill in the US House gets passed, people who go on strike will make their entire family ineligible for food stamps (The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

So, if you want a raise to get money to buy your own food, you can’t have it. 

If you strike to force the employer to give you money to buy your own food, you can’t get assistance from the government anymore.

Keep in mind the following (from 2009):

  • 10% of the US population is on assistance
  • 40% of all participants lived in a household with an income (that’s why they call it supplemental)
  • Only 14% of all households involved were above the poverty line.
  • 18% had no income at all  (that means that 2/3rds of SNAP participants could be in danger from this bill)
  • 78% of SNAP households had no countable resources (in other words, if they go on strike, they have zero savings to fall back on.  Most can’t even sell a vehicle or anything else… they don’t have anything to sell)
  • 50% of all participants are children

What’s that mean?  It all means that 2/3rds of all participants (20 million people) 50% of which are children (10 million children) will suffer malnutrition if they go on strike in order to have a safe working environment and a decent salary with benefits. 

Maybe it’s a cost cutting measure?  Oh wait… according to the USDA budget… WIC, SNAP, and CNP combined have a total budget of $93 billion dollars.  Which means in one year, the average family involved in these programs gets $3,100 dollars (not counting administration costs).  That’s less than $300 a month for food. 

There’s only one reasonable conclusion to draw from this. 

The republicans don’t care about you, your kids, or even workers in this country.  They care about making sure their owners get the maximum profit (and will continue to supplement that profit with subsidies).

What’s the REAL solution?  Same as it is for almost everything.  Education.

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