Thoughts on One’s Position

When one has an opinion about something (as one usually does), that person would be well served to consider those that support a similar position.  Obviously, one should not make a decision based on who else supports or criticizes a position, but one should certainly reflect on who is supporting (and why) and who is criticizing (and why).

Case in point: The bombing of Libya.*

Take a look at who is condemning the attacks on Libyan military targets: Algeria, Belarus, Cuba, Ecuador, Namibia, North Korea, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.  Also Bolivia, Venezuela, China, Uganda and Iran have questioned the attack.

If these groups condemned me, then I would take it as a sign I’m doing something right.

Second case in point: A fundamentalist Christian (Young Earth Creationism) home schooling group has requested that Ken Ham NOT attend their group anymore.  So a YEC group tells a YEC proponent that he is not welcome.  How ironic.

* I’d like to add the that the US only participated in this military action after being requested to get involved by a group of Muslim nations AND the UN security council passed a unanimous resolution about it.

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