Austin Texas Schools: Football is more important than education

A recent news article in the Austin American Statesmen shows just how far schools are willing to cut budgets.

What’s Austin ISD doing?

Laying off 1153 people.  On the other hand the athletics department is cutting almost $500,000… from it’s 11.3 MILLION dollar budget.

Such sacrifices.

I guess that’s why I know people in France who make fun of Texas education.

“Nothing is more important than educating our kids”… except for football… and basketball… and volleyball… and baseball… and softball… and swimming… and soccer.

It’s truly amazing that the school board doesn’t know what EXTRA-curricular means.  ‘Beyond’ or ‘outside’ of the curriculum.  Hell, they might as well put athletics in the next round of the Texas State Education standards.  It’s obviously more important than anything else.

What really sad, is by eliminating athletics, they could immediately save 220 jobs (assuming each of those jobs cost the district $50,000 a year (which it probably does not)).

Of course, with no athletics, then you get to fire all the coaches and keep even more teachers.  Based on the stipends in the article, they could keep up to 1.3 teachers per coach fired.  That’s probably 10 teachers per high school and 3-5 per middle school.

Just keep one or two coaches to have PE class (most of our kids are too fat as it is) and be done with athletics.

It’s not important, it effectively has no value in the real world, and it distracts from actual classes (you know, the reason kids go to school in the first place).

Everyone needs to check their school districts to see exactly what is being cut.  I’m willing to bet that athletics are the department with the fewest budget cuts almost anywhere.

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One Response to Austin Texas Schools: Football is more important than education

  1. Chief Walksalot says:

    Yes, I agree. What sort of school lays off in the curriculars and keeps extracurriculars?

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