Scientists are so Cool!

So I’ve been blogging, pretty hard-core for a little over three weeks now.  And I’ve made six research blogging posts (we’re not going to talk about the alien meteorite thing OK?).

In my Origins of Life series, I have had the opportunity to, briefly, talk to two of the scientists that did the actual research.  What was absolutely great was that both of them, with no more knowledge of who I was than a guy with a blog were perfectly happy to talk about their current research, how it ties in with the paper I was reviewing, and give me some direction for further exploration.

Of course, I didn’t know them from any other scientist either.  I just sent them an e-mail.  OK, I knew that they had both been published in Nature, which is nothing to sneer at.  But one of them has won four major awards and is a leading researcher at a major non-university research center… and he was talking about his research with me.  How cool is that?  (OK, it helps that he said nice things about my blog.)

Compare that to the two or three leading ID proponents who don’t even allow questions at their lectures.

That’s one of the coolest things about this whole science thing.  I can send an e-mail to just about any of them and get a polite, helpful response.  I suppose that if I came off sounding like a complete jerk, I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with them and a minimum knowledge of their work helped too.

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