Question of the Week: What if Intelligent Design was Correct?

This may be the first in a series, it may not.  But a recent conversation got me to thinking about this question: “What if Intelligent Design was Correct?”

First of all, let’s decide on what it would mean that ID is correct.  In my mind it would say that there is unambiguous evidence of a designer for some aspect of out universe.  Since, not even ID proponents can decide on what ID applies to (the universe, biology, genomes, partial genomes, etc), then the question of what is the designer is a moot point.  I’ll try to cover all the bases.

So what’s it mean to science?

Well, that’s an interesting question.  We know that science works.  We know this because the tools and principles that we have developed through science work.  It’s that simple.  So, if Intelligent Design is shown to be true… then there is still no effect on science.

It doesn’t mean that science is wrong.  Oh, depending on what aspect of ID we’re talking about, then there may be some issue of ultimate wrongness, but the day-to-day aspects of science all still work.  We can still breed organisms for specific traits.  We can still follow the fossil record, with a high degree of accuracy.  We can still use medicines and mis-use still results in the same problems.

There are no tools developed by Intelligent Design theorists, so those still won’t be useful.

So what’s it mean to religion?

That’s another good question.  So, if we find evidence of a designer, then what kind of designer we find will have massive implications for religion.  What if, the designer is proven to be Allah?  Do you think Christian religions will immediately convert to Muslim?  Of course not, they have too much invested in their personal belief system.  They will fight tooth and nail to have Intelligent Design suppressed.

What if the ultimate designer is a 14-year-old kid using a quantum supercomputer to investigate the development of a universe and living things within it?  What does that mean for our religions?  It’s a pretty scary thought isn’t it.


hmmm…. that wasn’t as long a post as I thought.  Sad isn’t it?

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