Teachers and America

It’s very simple, if you are against teachers, then you are against America.

You can’t have technology without teachers.  You can’t have politicians without teachers.  You can’t have doctors without teachers.  You can’t have plumbers without teachers.

You can’t have FREEDOM without teachers.

I don’t care if you proclaim that you want to bring back America.  If you harm teachers, then you harm America.

Teachers are one of the most underpaid, under-appreciated, reviled groups of workers in America, yet every single thing you do in your daily life, with the exception of converting sugar into ATP and shitting the results, is because of a teacher.

Counting you ill-gotten gains and illegal campaign contributions… because of a teacher.

Remembering a single historical event to name your new political party after… because of a teacher.  (Forgetting the results and the reasons… that’s your problem.)

Figuring out a wordy, but misleading language for a useless bill… because of a teacher.

Running from the mob of pissed off citizens… because of a coach… that’s close enough to a teacher.

If you hate teachers, then you hate America.

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One Response to Teachers and America

  1. Tomato Addict says:

    I can’t overstate just how important this issue is here is Wisconsin right now. Yesterday I set a teacher friend an email message of support, for which he thanked me. Everybody thank a teacher, then go and email your representatives.

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