On Family

You can’t choose your family.  You may not like them.  They may annoy you to no end.  But they are still your family.  Without them, you very well might not exist.

I want to write a good major post everyday.  It won’t happen today.  Maybe later tonight, but I doubt it.

My dad and his wife are visiting.  They are loud.  They are annoying.  They are shallow and narcissistic.  They are selfish (not with money, but with time and love).  I love my dad dearly.  If he wasn’t my dad, I would not.  It hurts to admit this, but it is true.

There’s a reason I have the paternal instincts of a wall safe.  It’s my dad.  There’s a reason that I have really tried and (I hope) been effective in overcoming this.    It’s my wife.

I want my son to have the one thing I didn’t have growing up.  A dad.  I’m not real good at it, but I try.

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