Repealing Louisiana’s Creationism Law

Zach Kopplin is a high school student in, to my mind, one of the worst states to be a student in, Louisiana.  I believe he will be graduating this year and as far as I’m concerned, I think he’ll go far in science, politics, or just spreading the word.

To understand why, I would encourage you to read his December 9th testimony to the Louisiana Board of Education.

After you read that, come back for the rest.

Zach made some excellent comments about science, how it works, how it continues to work, but the most stunning thing that I think I’ve seen in this entire creationism/evolution ‘debate’ was his doing a search for creationism based jobs.  Stunningly (or perhaps not), there were none.

I’d like to think that most Board of Education members want to do the right thing by the kids they (for lack of a better term) control.  I think this particular bit of testimony was genius.  It showed the Board that there was no real world application for creationism.

Creationists can cry about how mean scientists are and how atheism is responsible for evolution (or the other way around) and how it is science.  But that simple job search puts it all in perspective.  Business uses what works or it doesn’t last long.  No business uses creationism, while there are hundreds for biology.

I think that Zach’s testimony made a huge difference in the LA Board’s decision to approve certain good Biology books and not approve others (feel free to correct me on this).

Now, Zach has a new mission… and I think he can do it.  It’s no less than repealing Louisiana’s creationism law.  The press release is on Zach’s blog.  I’m going to try to spread the word.  I hope that you will too.

This is a good thing.

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